Saturday, April 21, 2007

Feedback from Erin D., author of Model Behavior

Hey Devon!
I thought you showed strong analysis on last blog post, where you critqued Anna David's article--you didn't just take her article at face value, but inspected it for key points, as well as highlighting its flaws. You do great research and respond well to outside sources, so maybe try including some in your final blog presentation.

You definitely seem to be interested in your topic of "Beauty and the Geek" and the posts are cohesive and have a clear theme. The topic had tons of different representations of gender and hegemony, which seemed to provide you with lots to discuss, which you did very well. Your arguments were compelling and you included examples and evidence from the show and outside sources to back up your point. The refernces used were great, and your footnotes were clear and well-marked. Every reference seemed carefully selected and pertaineed both to the topic and readings we covered in class. Your quotes are never stuck in just to fill a requirement--they add real meaning to whatever the post is about.

The only thing I think you could improve on is maybe adding some pictures and graphics just for aesthetic value--the look of the blog itself is a bit text-y and could be jazzed up a little. However, all your content is thoughtful and analytical. I especially liked the lastest post and your collage, which perfectly blended the ideals of "Beauty and the Geek" with Laurie Oullette's article. All in all, great job so far!